Friday, January 30, 2009

She Crawls!

It started in earnest yesterday. Before that, she'd occasionally end up in a different place than the place where she'd been set, but that was mostly a matter of accidental wiggles. Sometimes, she'd manage to scoot backwards - I kept finding her stuffed under bookcases and wedged into corners.

But yesterday, she was sitting in my office, and when I went to answer the door, she followed me. She's slow - she only made it around the corner to the coat closet, but still.

Now that she's crawling, I can give you a bit more insight into my darling daughter's personality.

I put her in the kitchen, and I placed various toys all around her, so she could crawl from one to the next and entertain herself.

She crawled to the trashcan.

She crawled to the electrical cord for the water dispenser.

She crawled to the fire extinguisher.

She crawled to the little bit of nasty fluff under the counter.

She never, not once, crawled to an actual toy.

Early signs indicate this daughter will cause much mischief.

But really, why should she be different from the others?


Connie said... [Reply]

uh-oh! Mobility! Pretty soon she'll be reaching buttons and reprogramming your appliances, relocating important small items (remember to always keep your cell# handy in case you need to call it from the home phone to find it), and feeding the pets (or eating with the pets - kibble keeps their pelts glossy) etc. What fun :-) You nearly made me snort my drink when I read "I kept finding her stuffed under bookcases.." ... I walked out of the room once with my son on the floor in my room, came back a minute later, and he was gone! PANIC! Then I heard him from under the bed...

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