Sunday, January 11, 2009


Three times to the doctor last week. The first two were scheduled: one a sick child visit, the next a well-baby check-up. Then Friday hit. Aidan was in Chinese class, and I was at a birthday luncheon with some friends. My husband called me at the luncheon, which was awfully strange, given that I hadn't told him where I'd be. It seems that, right about the time I was wishing my friend Peggy a happy birthday, Aidan's Chinese teacher was giving Aidan's shoes a strange look. Why, she asked Aidan, is one of your shoes grey and the other red?

When they took off his shoe, they discovered that his big toenail had parted ways with his toe. He'd dropped a toy on it over the weekend, and the nail turned purple-grey and blue. But on Friday, it popped off and started bleeding profusely.

(apologies to those of you who like to read blogs over breakfast.)

So, short version: ewwww. Slightly longer version: went to see Embassy doc, who advised a wait-and-see approach rather than a more aggressive shot-in-the-toe and yank-the-nail approach. He then likely wrote in his little book: "note to self - be sure not to get posted with this train-wreck of a family ever again!"

You see? Busy.

Also, for Christmas - have I mentioned this yet? - my lovely husband somehow procured an iPhone for me. I say "somehow" because they don't appear to be for sale here, and I'm told by most people that they aren't even supported here. But mine works, so go figure. A couple of my friends got them for Christmas too. That thing is a time sucker, I tell you. Really bad move on his part to get it for me. My friends keep showing me all kinds of crazy apps for this phone. Of course, no one can tell me how to sync it to my google calendar - anyone out there know how?

And speaking of brain suckers - there is one more reason I've not been blogging much. I'm afraid this past week I've been too tired to write, so I've fallen into the rabbit hole of my google reader, and I've been catching up on all of my favorite blogs rather than writing in my own. Sorry about that. But there are some good blogs out there. My two current favorites are Seattle's own Mrs. G, who is just funny as can be, and simple mom, who runs a great site for home managers, which I'm supposed to be. Go check them out and see if you agree that they're good.

I have a column due shortly, so I'll be working on that this week. And hopefully all of my family members will be able to keep their toenails firmly attached this week. I'm bored of the doctor and I'm sure he's tired of me.


Erin G said... [Reply]

I recently started following simple mom, too, and so far I'm pretty much impressed.

so sorry about your little one's toe!! is in much pain anymore?

Kelsey said... [Reply]

That sounds painful! I've gone in to the doctor here with some things that have raised eyebrows, including losing hearing in one of my ears for a day, and a large dog bite to the back of the knee (could I have chosen a more inconvenient location?).

I go back and for between blogging a lot and reading a lot. Especially if you're busy, I don't think there's anything wrong with opting for google reader.

Donna said... [Reply]

@ Kelsey - really? You lost your hearing for a day? Did they figure out why? And how'd it come back? I ask because I lost mine permanently shortly after we arrived here. You could read about it if you scroll back around October 07 in my blog.

@ Erin - No pain at all. You'd think he'd have been screaming his head off, but he was a trooper. Sometimes I think the boy is missing a few critical nerve endings...

Kelsey said... [Reply]

It was hard to understand, as the doctor spoke only minimal English (in fact, when I got the dog bite, I had to mime a dog biting), but from what I could understand, pressure had built up in my ear.

Jessica said... [Reply]

Although I usually catch up on blogs at work (bad girl), I AM reading this over breakfast this morning. So THANKS!

At home because our stuff is FINALLY arriving. Hurrah! Hope all the little ones keep the rest of those toe nails. Ick.

Please. Write your own stuff.