Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Thailand

We're celebrating Christmas here on the beach at Dolphin Bay. Not very orthodox, but oh-so-fun. We're all sunburned and sand-covered. Tomorrow we leave for an overnight stay in Bangkok, and then home to Beijing.

I'll have a lot to say when I'm not being charged by the minute for internet access, so I'll probably update you in bits and pieces upon return.

For now:
There's a big water slide in one of the resort's pools, and the boys have been having a blast sliding down, over and over and over. Kyra has no fear of the water, so we have to keep a close watch on her. There is a kiddie wading pool, and while she's happy there, she's also fond of tossing toys in the big pool and then leaning over to fish them out. Scary!

She was afraid of the water at the beach until yesterday. This made for a nice break, as we could sit in our beach chairs and not worry about her wading in. But now she loves it, waves and all. It isn't deep, so she goes in waist high and lets the waves hit her. Or she plays "coconut football:" She tosses a coconut into the waves and waits for the waves to send it back to her.

We couldn't go to Monkey Island - it's the windy season, so they don't take tourists out on the water. But we did feed the monkeys in the National Park. Cute, in a way - but it's not much different from feeding rats. They're nasty little scavengers, and they dig through trash cans until tourists show up bearing bananas.

We also did an elephant trek. Pictures to come once I return home and can download them.

Today it is about 30 degrees Celsius here at Dolphin Bay. I hear it's 6 degrees Celsius in Beijing, so I'm not particularly excited about returning home on Saturday. We'll have to start over again, saving our pennies, so we can take a vacation like this again in the future. The kids are loving the pool and the ocean and the ice cream bar. I'm loving their happy little smiles.

After the girls wake from their naps, we'll take them for one last swim in the pool, one last stroll down the beach and one last Thai dinner in the open air restaurant (complete with local dogs snoozing under the tables - someone alert the Health Department!). Tomorrow we'll check out and drive back to Bangkok - about 3 hours away. We'll probably spend the afternoon poolside at the Conrad Bangkok - it has, I think, the most beautiful pool I've ever seen.

We have a late flight out on Saturday, so we'll either try to see a site in Bangkok, or more likely just get in one last swim and pick up some souvenirs. Our plane lands back in Beijing at 1 a.m.

And then I'll be back, with stories and photos, to make you all jealous.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


A Khudori Soleh said... [Reply]

salam from khudori

Erin G said... [Reply]

I'm already jealous! it looks amazing there. please do post pictures (especially the elephant trek) when you get back! merry christmas from NC. :)

GutsyWriter said... [Reply]

I have to say I looked at the price of the room at Dolphin hotel and $39/night sounds like a great deal. I said to my husband, "Let's go to Thailand." Have fun with the kids.

Connie said... [Reply]

Merry Christmas! It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the holiday! I got a good laugh about your comment on the monkeys... I know monkeys can sometimes be cute, but in general I'd prefer the rats. ah nevermind! Aren't vacations with kids amazing?? You see the world through brand new perspectives :-) Enjoy the rest of your holiday, and have a good trip home.

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