Friday, December 5, 2008


Someone told me it hit 19 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday, and I believe it. I was running errands all over town, and every time I stepped from the car, a blast of dusty Arctic wind slapped me in the face. Shay was home from school, coughing, so at bus time, I bundled up to go pick up Aidan. I briefly considered driving to the bus stop – it was that cold. But instead I put on my wool coat, scarf, hat, mittens and insulated shoes (no socks, though). All of this over jeans, t-shirt and sweater. I grabbed my tea and headed down to the front gate.

The 10-minute walk there wasn’t so bad. But on the return trip, I was headed into the wind with a 5-year-old straggler. I kept pleading with him to please go faster, please. But the wind seemed to slow him down even more than usual. About half way home, he pulled his scooter to the side of the road and refused to go further, crying that he was too cold. I eventually lured him home with promises of hot cocoa and marshmallows. By the time we returned home, I couldn’t feel my legs under my jeans and my cheeks burned red.

Sometimes, you know, just sometimes, I really miss my old life back in Los Angeles.


Erin G said... [Reply]

I can relate. I have been on some COLD vacations (the alps in january, for instance), but none colder than beijing (last feb/march for the chinese new year)... I tell people that and they don't believe me. but really, that wind is killer.

hope you get warm soon!

Simple Answer said... [Reply]

See? And here, it sounds like bragging.

Connie said... [Reply]

Some of my 'coldest' winters happened in Florida. Seriously. We weren't acclimated to the cold... it really makes a difference. We didn't have a huge supply of winter clothes... basically jeans and shirts with a jacket, then a heavy coat. No underthings, no stockpiles of sweaters, scarves, mittens, etc. Then there is the WET. If it gets below freezing, then the moisture freezes and stays there - it feels warmer when it is dry. In Florida, it stays WET, which makes the cold hurt more, even if it doesn't get as cold - and the wind just drives it right through you. A wet, cold, windy 33F is much more miserable than a still, dry, 15F.

My kids are begging for snow. I'm looking at the 79F on the weather and smiling :-) (although it hit 90F yesterday, that is a bit much... come on, it is December!)

GutsyWriter said... [Reply]

I can't imagine freezing like that after attending the USC/UCLA football game in Pasadena yesterday and my son wearing shorts.

Jacki said... [Reply]

We've had the same temperatures here, and let me tell you it's not fun! I don't mind these kinds of temperatures if it's snowing. But cold and wind? No thank you.

Denise said... [Reply]

Wow! That must be total culture shock all the way around!!!

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