Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spring Forward, Fall... uh, never mind

Just a little reminder to those of my fans who like to call me up (that'd be you, mom): here in China, there's no daylight savings time. So we are now 13 hours ahead of east coast family and 16 hours ahead of west coasters. Right? That's what I think, anyway. You do the math.

In other news, I was randomly strolling around the internet and I came across this article by Shannon Lowe, who blogs over at Rocks in my Dryer. (Sorry I can't provide the link to her blog - it's one of those blogs I can almost never access from here behind the Great Firewall.) Anyway, she writes an interesting article about expat moms, and in it, she quotes me! I'll try not to let the sudden fame go to my head.

It's been a busy day of candy-snarfing and paper airplane contests. We had about 400 trick-or-treaters at the house yesterday - they come from neighboring areas of town, and they even bus in from the Embassy. Kyra was hilarious. I explained the concept of trick or treat, so she went to the first door, said "trick-or-treat," and then gave them the candy from her bag. Same at the second door. And the third. Finally, something clicked and she figured it out. "Look, mama!" she said, "Candy!" And she held it up to the light to admire. After that, she'd run to each door and accept their offering. Then she'd look in the bag and look back at the people in the doorway, wondering what other magical things they might do.

In other news: The Embassy has moved at last! So I had a husband this weekend, and possibly will have again in the future. Weird, huh?

I will not post much this week. I actually have three articles due by Friday. One is done but awaiting revision, one is outlined but not researched, and one doesn't even exist in my head yet. So my mornings will be full of words, but alas! none for you.


Simple Answer said... [Reply]

I know why we will never have world peace. We can't even agree on daylight savings. We changed Thursday. The US yesterday. Lebanon and Iraq weeks ago...

Connie said... [Reply]

I don't wear a watch - I let my husband handle this whole 'what time is it' thing.

Candid Carrie said... [Reply]

Remember in the olden days when news anchors had giant (like twelve inch) clocks behind them that showed the time in a variety of geographic locations?

So you were the reason for all that, huh?

I finally understand the concept. Thanks.

Cathy said... [Reply]

Wow--400 trick or treaters!! We only had about 20 tops in our neighborhood.

Please. Write your own stuff.