Saturday, October 18, 2008


My daughter loves shoes. And purses. And hats. But especially shoes. She's always tottering around the house in my heels, which I don't think I've worn since before she was born.

So you can imagine the sheer joy on her face when a neighbor gave her this pair of hand-me-downs:

So sparkly! So red! So girly! No matter that they're a few sizes too big - Kyra has been wearing them absolutely everywhere for the past 72 hours. I make her take them off to get in the tub. At bed time, and at nap time, I encourage her to take them off and sleep with them beside her, which she does - but when she wakes up, she puts them back on before calling out to me. In short, she loves these shoes.

But she isn't all girl. She is also quite fond of her hand-me-down jammies. They used to belong to Aidan. They're warm fuzzy flannel with pictures of bomber airplanes all over them.

She's a fashion superstar, this daughter of mine. And perfect in every way.


Simple Answer said... [Reply]

Darling! You know, she is a girl after my own fashion heart. I got me a pair of silver sequins converse sneakers from Target before I moved.

Lynda said... [Reply]

I wouldn't leave home without knowing there are a pair of red shoes in the cupboard!!

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