Sunday, October 26, 2008

Introducing Jennifer

Aidan's fabulous teacher has two travelling suitcases. Inside one is Pat. In the other - Jennifer.

Jennifer is a penguin (not a real one, silly). Pat is a platypus. Every weekend, one of the kids brings home either Jennifer or Pat. This weekend, it was Aidan's turn to bring home Jennifer. Inside Jennifer's suitcase is everything she needs for the weekend: a snuggly quilt, loads of books on penguins, a journal and an arts n crafts kit. Aidan was supposed to bring Jennifer everywhere this weekend, and read to her each night. Then, he could draw or write about their adventures in the journal.

So Jennifer read books. She watched a movie. She went ice skating, went to a birthday party, cheered for Shay at soccer, etc... Personally, I find it a bit exhausting to have houseguests like Jennifer. She's very high maintenance: we constantly had to take her picture, and remember to bring her fun places with us.

Aidan was quite proud of his new hugely-proboscised friend. I think he'll be sad to say goodbye tomorrow morning. But sooner than soon, Pat the platypus will come for a visit.


Simple Answer said... [Reply]

That's pretty precious.

GutsyWriter said... [Reply]

Wait till Junior High when they have to carry a pretend baby, or as my son did, a soda bottle filled with 8 lbs of sand, to simulate a baby, and take it to class and feed it etc. That's apparently to teach them not to get "pregnant" at an early age. He grew fed up very quickly.

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