Thursday, October 30, 2008


We dressed up tonight for a big Halloween bash at a neighbor's house, complete with a haunted house and monster cookies.

Kyra had several choices of costume: princess, lion, etc. She chose Superman. The costume was huge on her and had to be rolled up several times, but you'll see from the pictures that she was thrilled.

Aidan was ever-so-excited when a neighbor lent him an Incredible Hulk costume. Only problem: we couldn't convince him that the Hulk doesn't carry a sword.

Ainsley didn't know what was going on. But isn't she cute?

And Shay: poor Shay. He was born to a very non-creative mom, and he wasn't satisfied with any of his pre-made costume choices. But I wasn't able to help him create anything. Perfect is the enemy of good, as they say, and so he stalled and stalled until he was out of options. He finally tossed on a cape and a mask in the hope of looking like a sword fighter, but he took the whole thing off before he walked into the party. Just as well: his costume reminded me of a hilarious story his uncle tells about streaking back in the day at Georgetown.

There you have it. Trick or treat is this Saturday, so I'll try to toss up some more photos over the weekend.


Connie said... [Reply]

Happy Halloween! My kids chose to dress alike a couple years ago - my son was happy to wear his Superman outfit for a 2nd year, and my daughter was as thrilled as Kyra looks, to wear a Supergirl costume!

Simple Answer said... [Reply]

Ooo. Did Kyra think to put the red sparkly shoes on with the superman outfit? STYLIN!

GutsyWriter said... [Reply]

Your kids look so cute, and what a lot of work to dress all 4 of them up. Ainsley does look incredibly cute, and I did like the Hulk costume too. Good for Kyra to show her female assertiveness. As far as Shay, they do tend to pull off their costumes and rebel, the older they get.

mommyknows said... [Reply]

Great photos. The kids look so cute in their costumes.

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