Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Day At The Market

We took the kids to the local open-air market, just to check it out and load up on veggies for a party we were planning. We took pictures of one of the vegetable vendors with her son. Also snapped a meat vendor, who then asked to see the picture on the digital screen.

This lady was one of the spice vendors. Her baby is four months old, just like Ainsley, so we chatted for a bit about our kids. Chatted - ha! All was in Chinese, so the chat was rather limited. But still.

The kids spotted the kite vendor and dragged their dad over while I was chatting up the spice ladies.

Dad was suckered into buying kites - and he didn't even haggle! - so we headed home to fly kites. All in all, an interesting day.


عازف انغامsaaary said... [Reply]
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Lynda said... [Reply]

Wow that looks almost clean and hygenic compared to where I get to shop... I so miss my Asian Supermarket from Sydney... They were all chinese and treated me like crap - but I know that deep down they loved me... heheheh

GutsyWriter said... [Reply]

It does look clean. Even better than the Paris oeen-air markets. I love the selection of cheeses in Paris. Does anyone eat cheese in Beijing? Can you buy French cheese their?

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