Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Big Track Meet

Shay had his first real track meet this weekend.

He's been participating in a school program called "Great Wall Runners:" For the past five weeks, he's been staying after school twice a week to run laps and running with his dad on the weekends. His personal goal was to reach "ultra-marathon" status, the highest level, by running more than 70 kilometers. Sure enough, by the day of the track meet, he'd run over 80 kilometers. That's more than I've run in the past year.

The track meet was held at his school, and ten other schools participated. Shay ran with the 8-year-old crowd, which ran about a 2 kilometer race. Of the 51 competitors in his group, he placed 3rd, and he was rightfully proud of himself. He got a medal for his race, along with a medal and a t-shirt for completing the ultra-marathon.


GutsyWriter said... [Reply]

So who's the runner in your family? You or your husband? My middle son loves to run, and I'm hopeless at running. So is my husband. Funny how kids do things, and you wonder, "Where the hell did he get that gene from?"

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