Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Baby is the Teacher

Aidan's kindergarten class is studying how people grow, and his teacher asked me to bring Ainsley in for a real live demonstration of "the differences between babies and big kids." Ainsley was up for it, so we went in today and sat in a circle on the rug. Ainsley looked around, bewildered, while the kids discussed all of the ways she was the same, and all of the ways she was different. Example: babies have ten toes (same). But babies have little feet (different). Babies have eyes (same). But no teeth (different). Babies poop in their diapers (different). Babies drink mommy milk (different). Babies can't talk (different). Then they measured Ainsley and painted her fingers and toes to make prints on a piece of paper. They sang songs to her. She smiled at them.

We talked about how there are some things babies can't do, because no one has taught them how yet (like driving a car, or using a potty). The teacher asked the students to each think of something a baby can't do. "Walk!" said one. "Talk!" said another. "Ummmmm.... play badminton?" asked a third. True, technically.

Aidan was so proud to have his baby there to teach the class. And Ainsley seemed to enjoy it, too.

With that, I'm off to teach her the rules of badminton. Girl's gotta learn...


GutsyWriter said... [Reply]

I was curious. Do your children attend a private American school? It's not a Chinese public school, I assume. Are they going to learn Chinese? That would be fabulous for them, especially when they are adults.

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