Monday, October 13, 2008


If I'm counting right, this should be my 200th blog entry. Go me!

All weekend long, we enjoyed blue skies and cool-ish fall weather. Today, though, the sky turned dirty and once again we're all hacking and wheezing. Not good.

I went to the new Embassy for the first time today, to get my new badge. Ummmm... guys? You might have wanted to actually finish the building before you moved in. Seriously. The Prez and his wife came for a visit awhile back, and they had an official ribbon-cutting ceremony. You might have concluded, if you watched the news that day, that the Embassy was open for business. You'd've been wrong.

It opens for real next week some time, but there are still wires protruding from the walls and scaffolding in the lobby and all sorts o construction craziness. And that's just the part I'm allowed to see! That's right, I can't go anywhere near my husband's office - can't even walk into his building - unless I get a job with a clearance.

We did take the kids in this weekend to check out the neighborhood immediately around the Embassy, and wouldn't you know - I forgot my camera. We took them into the shops on Ladies Street. All sorts of fish, turtles and bunnies for sale. We managed to escape without acquiring any new pets, but it was a close call. Then we dodged the cars on Super Bar Street and took the kids out to dinner.

Dinner out with a two-year-old? Really, really, not fun. For starters, the restaurant was on the second floor, and she kept hanging out the open window. There was a ledge, but still... Also, there was a darts competition going on. Darts. That's right. You would've thought they were tossing kid magnets, given the way my daughter kept hovering near the game.

At one point, she had to go potty. While I was washing my hands after helping her, she left the restroom and found the fire extinguisher outside the door. She pulled the pin and was just trying to figure out the handle when I grabbed her.

How was the food, you ask? Not really sure - I gulped mine down and asked for the check.

This all happened on Saturday. But I'm still exhausted today, just thinking about it. I'd like to come up with some clever ending, sort of tie this whole entry together, but alas - I'm fresh out of ideas. Maybe for my 201st entry? Go ahead and ask if there's something you're dying to know, and maybe I'll answer you on 201.

But for now: Good night.


Simple Answer said... [Reply]

I just did a 4 meme that was passed to me. If you want, I'd love to hear your answers.

I remember 2yo. It sounds so cute and endearing - when they aren't yours. Here's hoping you get a chance to prop your feet up for a while.

A said... [Reply]

Need a topic - what is your ayi's story? Our beloved An Wei Hua is still missed - some crazy days more than others! Her story was interesting - leaving her babies with inlaws, working in the electronics factory, having a Sichuan husband who could not feed the kids if she worked late.

GutsyWriter said... [Reply]

I'm curious about the darts flying around.
I want to know how long you'll be in Beijing and if you will be sent to another country afterwards.

Donna said... [Reply]

A - good idea. I'll have to get some more info about her, but I'll fill you in for an upcoming post...

And Gutsy Writer - we have a three-year sentence - I mean, assignment, to Beijing. We have a little less than 2 years to go. Which means a year from now, we have to bid on new assignments. Basically, we'll look at all of the assignments that are available around the world and we'll pick our top six. Then we'll sit back and hope we get one of those.

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