Wednesday, September 3, 2008


School's off to a rip-roaring start, but you won't be hearing much from me. I have two articles due on Friday, so I'm trying to focus on getting those done. Of course, I also have Chinese class tomorrow. And today I spent the day at the Embassy, where I attended a spouse employment program. I know, I know - I'm busy enough as it is. But it would be nice to make some money (hey, we've got FOUR kids to put through college) and any of my fellow writers who are reading this blog will know that it's hard as heck to make any serious money writing. I have a regular gig with a magazine here, and I've been updating guidebooks and maps and writing for stateside newspapers, but unless I break into the big magazines, I won't be pulling in lots o cash any time soon. Hence the job fair. But of course, once again I had to bring Ainsley, seeing as how I'm a nursing mom. So I walked into a room full of spouses who looked pretty professional, and I was, ummm, shall we say, not exactly the pick of the litter.

They did a big conference call with some of the consulates, and as the tech guy was setting it up, he explained that whoever was talking would appear on the screen, as the microphones are sensitive enough to pick up "the slightest noises." I would've grabbed my baby and fled right then and there, but I was wedged in a corner. Oh, well. Amazingly, Ainsley was a trooper and held out til the bitter end with nary a cry. I did have to stand and bounce her throughout, but whatever. It's not as though I was wearing heels or anything nice like that. Oh, no. I had on tennis shoes.

I'm sure they'll hire me, aren't you?

This afternoon, I went to meet the kids at the bus stop. I offered to get them ice cream and hang out at the playground, but Shay wanted to go straight home and get his homework out of the way (aside: huh?). So I said we'd choose some and bring it home. Then Aidan pitched a fit because he wanted to eat his ice cream at the playground.

So I left him at the playground with his ice cream, pedalled home to deliver ice cream for the other kids, then pedalled back to the playground. I got there just as Aidan was strapping on his helmet, and he told me in no uncertain terms that I was to Turn Around and Go Home, as he wanted to ride home by himself.

I rode off a ways and hid. But when he came pedalling around the corner, he saw me and screeched to a halt, refusing to continue until I left. I tried one more time with the same result. So I went home. He rode up to the house a minute later and waved and smiled as if nothing was amiss, as if he hadn't just chewed me out for wanting to escort him home.

My little guy: he's growing up too fast.

His brother, too. Bart and I stopped by the school to visit the boys on Monday, but Shay's class was at lunch. So we went looking for him in the cafeteria. When he saw us coming, he nearly melted into the floor from embarrassment. And then he asked us to leave. They break your heart, these kids, they really do. I don't remember being embarrassed by my parents until I was quite a bit older than he is now. And gee, my parents really were embarrassing (hi, mom!), unlike me.

Would you look at the time? That's it for now; stop by again after Friday and I'm sure to have more news for you.


Jill said... [Reply]

Oh I really don't look forward to the "mom, you're embarrassing me days." Just thinking about that makes me nutty.

Good luck on the potential job front.... someday!

Simple Answer said... [Reply]

Can you believe they have the nerve to be embarrassed by us? After all the fits, crying, and barfing they've done?

Hope you get the job? (not sure how enthused you sounded)

Have a good week.

MaryjoO said... [Reply]

I remember Shay being carried around in his tiger outfit for the EmbMos Halloween "walkaround". He was so cute so I called you to come down to "look". When he saw you he looked at you like "what are YOU doing" here? Too funny! xxx000 Maryjo

GutsyWriter said... [Reply]

As a writer I face the same issues every year when my kids go back to school. Granted they are much older than yours, 14 and 18 and the oldest is now at the University of Michigan, but I'm considering a job during the Christmas holidays at "Brighton" in Newport Beach, California. Have you heard of Brighton? I've become addicted to their jewelry, shoes, purses and belts, but I guess anything I earn would be spent on more Brighton stuff, so what's the point? So my husband Duke says, "Finish your book before you get distracted with another job. I know he's right as I'm so close to finishing, but it's scary. And then I get distracted with articles, like, "My Turn" for Newsweek. I know you have written one.I read it and loved it. So now I'm working on one myself, and it takes forever to get it right. It's about me being a "hypocrite," and my son pointing it out to me too.
Anyway, I guess all women face the "wanting to earn money issue," especially when we are "stay-at-home" moms.

Please. Write your own stuff.