Tuesday, September 30, 2008


And speaking of corn drying in the road...

They're doing it all over our neighborhood, too. Take a look: They leave it out in the roads and mark off the piles with bricks. After they've husked it all, it sits for awhile to dry some more. Then they separate the corn from the husks and leave the little corn seeds out in the road. When it's good and dry, they sweep it all up into cloth bags. From there, I've no idea where it goes.

I can tell you there are piles of corn in the roads all over our neighborhood, but just you try to buy some fresh corn in the stores. Ain't gonna happen...


Simple Answer said... [Reply]

That is so odd!

Lynda said... [Reply]

Just like 'Egyptian Cotton' here.. hard to find! LOL

Shannon said... [Reply]

Reminds me of Indonesia. We would see rice, fish, cloves, and other things dying along side the road. Some things like cloves (mmmm) and fish (ewwwww) you could smell too.
I always thought of that rice in piles along side the road when i cooked dinner and gave the rice and extra rinse before cooking.

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