Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beijing Aviation Museum

For the second time, we set out to find the Aviation Museum north of town. We got directions from the clubhouse here at our compound. And the directions were actually very good - well, other than the fact that they got the highway exit wrong. Oh, and they said to turn right at the exit, when they should have said left. But other than that? Fantastic directions. So after stumbling through some truly rural hutongs, where the farmers were busy harvesting and drying corn right there in the road, we found the museum at last.

It was rather decrepit, and not too many visitors were there (perhaps they all turned right off the highway, too?). But the kids loved it, as it was full of old Chinese military planes and anti-aircraft missiles. Kyra pronounced the planes "so cute," which I think is what those Air Force folks had in mind when they set out to build intimidating military aircraft. "Make it cute," they no doubt instructed their engineers and designers.

Look at the pictures below and tell me those airplanes aren't cute...


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