Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Really Wasn't Bragging

When I told you that my daughter slept through the night last week, I really wasn't bragging. Honest I wasn't. But once again, in the category of "proof that God has a sense of humor," you'll find me bleary-eyed and ever-so-grouchy over here in Beijing.

As I reported, Ainsley slept all night on Friday. Happiness! Joy! Until Saturday night, when she refused to go to sleep until hours after her usual bedtime. When she finally dozed off, Kyra woke up. And then Aidan started talking in his sleep.

So once again I'm on a no-sleep diet.

Tonight we had another of those crazy Beijing thunderstorms, where the lightning and thunder are almost simultaneous, rocking the house. Kyra is terrified of these storms, so we had to take shelter in my office and blast the radio to muffle the sound of the thunder. She sat in my lap, quaking and sobbing and chewing her fingers. Ainsley also sat in my lap, chewing her own small fingers.

The dog is still not used to these storms, so he ran around barking ferociously after every thunder clap. Then, when he couldn't take a minute more, he peed on the floor. So I set poor quaking Kyra down and went to get a rag to mop up the floor. As I opened the garage, a huge thunderclap boomed in on us. Casey squealed and fled. Kyra took her fingers out of her mouth long enough to say "Casey poopie." Sure enough, the dog had the s**t literally scared out of him. He ran around the house spurting poop out the back end.

And lest you're wondering, let me remind you that in this blog I attempt to focus on the high points of my day. No point regaling you with the bad parts. So, yes, sleepless nights and dog poop fountains are really where it's at for me.

Don't you wish you were me?


Simple Answer said... [Reply]

Oh crap. Literally. Sleep is over rated. Okay, so it's not, but what can I possibly say that would make you feel better? Fingers crossed for tonite.

Jill said... [Reply]

Uh... nope. Can't say I wish we could trade places right now. It's thankfully been awhile since our pooch has pooped in the house - though piddling is an entirely different story!

Hope you have a much better night!

C.C. said... [Reply]

I am...wheezing with laughter. I know you don't find it the least bit funny, but...on the page, it's pretty funny! I hope you all are spared the s**t storm tonight.

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