Wednesday, August 6, 2008

14 Years Ago...

Exactly 14 years ago, I walked into a church with my about-to-be-husband and said “I do.” Of course, I was in a hurry, so I forgot to read the fine print, otherwise I would have realized that I was actually saying “I do… agree to move with you and your four kids to some random country where I have no friends and I don’t speak the language and oh, by the way, on our anniversary you’ll likely be too busy with the President’s security detail to come home in time for dinner.”

Oh, well. I would’ve married him anyway. Plus which, he gave me an awesome anniversary present. So who cares if I have to eat his share of the cake? I still maintain that I married quite well.


Jacksonian Traveler said... [Reply]

Happy Anniversary!! Getting to 14 years is no small feat. Sorry the actual day is not filled with parades and fireworks, but you are in it for the long haul; and there will be parades and fireworks.
Married 16 years next month.

Jessica said... [Reply]

Happy Anniversary!

Jill said... [Reply]

So glad that someone else gets to share in the "sorry I won't be around for another special event" glory.

Happy Anniversary.

American in Norway said... [Reply]

Sorry he missed it. I totally know what it is like to move to a new country with no friends... It will get better... Hang in there!

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