Sunday, July 27, 2008

Olympics Widow

The Olympics are only about 12 days away, so everyone I meet here is in a frenzy of activity. Including my husband. It seems to me that half the politicians in the States are planning to show up in Beijing within the next week or so, and it all has to be scheduled out. That makes me an Olympics widow.

I’m looking forward to the end of these Games, when life should return to a normal amount of too-much-work at the Embassy. Well, almost normal – there’s still the move to the new Embassy, a huge undertaking as well. Hey – there’s always retirement, right?

Meanwhile, they’ve pulled half the cars off the roads, which means less traffic. But it doesn’t seem to be helping much with the pollution problem. Today’s Washington Post has a good article on the subject – according to them, we had a few nice days last week before the air quality went back to unhealthy. They’re right: we had several nice, sunny, blue sky days. But then a big humid cloud o’ nastiness settled over the city, and my eyeballs are bloodshot yet again.

Even though the air quality has been rated “unhealthy for children” the past few days, we’ve still been taking the kids to the pool. Kids are kids, and they have to get out to move around. Today, though, my boys have disappeared – their friends Luke and Alex flew back into town, and they took up again right where they left off in June.

I finished all the articles I had due. Now I need to come up with some new topics and start fresh. I’m going to try to target some new pubs if I can…. You know, in my spare time.


Simple Answer said... [Reply]

I am hopeful the air quality improves. Any bets if the athletes will wear masks to the opening ceremonies?

Donna said... [Reply]

No masks for the opening ceremonies - the air shouldn't be bad enough to bother people who aren't exercising vigorously, and masks would make a bad political statement. But - I would think anyone who has an endurance event would want to wear a HEPA-filter mask. People I know wear them to exercise all the time - some even indoors.

Hey Simple Answer - shouldn't you be leaving town any minute now?

GutsyWriter said... [Reply]

I saw the Chinese fighting for tickets to the Olympics on BBC World. One man was crying and stating that "This was the end of hi life because it would be 100 years before the Olympics return to China, and he couldn't get a ticket." Do Chinese men cry more than American men?

Donna said... [Reply]

I don't know about the crying - I've never seen any men here cry, but I guess I'd cry too if I'd camped out all night and then been turned away at the gate - it was apparently chaos, with thousands of folks lined up. And then, today, they opened up some more seats online. I'm so pleased, because we managed to snag some tickets to rowing and beach volleyball. It was beginning to look as though we wouldn't make any events. I really would've loved diving or gymnastics, but so would the rest of the world, I guess, because those tickets are long gone.

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