Monday, July 14, 2008

An Afternoon at Chaoyang Park

Yesterday was another Actual Sunny Day. Yep, if you're keeping score at home, that makes two days in a row. Unheard of! We took the kids to Chaoyang Park in the afternoon. It is, I believe, the largest green space in the city (also, the future home of Olympics beach volleyball), but with kids, you only get to see a small portion of it - the amusement park section. It was blistering hot, so Bart took the boys on the water rollercoaster. Aidan was game to go, but apparently, halfway up the steep hill, he told his daddy he wanted to get off.

Too late. You'll see the varying reactions to the ride in the pictures below.

We also rented a little boat and went motoring out on the lake for an hour. At first, the boys pronounced it "boring." But then we let them steer.

All over the park, we were quite the scene. Everyone pointed and stared, and I frequently heard the words "su ge haizi!!" (four kids!!) as we passed by.

The biggest difficulty of the day: the squattie potties. I thought it hard to use them back when I was hugely pregnant, but it's even harder with a baby in a baby bjorn strapped to my chest. And no way was I sending my potty-trained little angel in there - she had to use a pull-up all day long.

On the way home, everyone had a meltdown (including me), so when we got home, we cleaned 'em off, fed 'em pizza and put them all to bed.


Jerry Waxler said... [Reply]

Interesting! I love your diary, and how interesting that passers-by remark about your number of children. This must be very strange for a nation coming up so fully empowered into the global scene. What a fascinating experience for your kids. Thanks for the diary entry and photos. I feel like I was there.

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Georganna Hancock M.S. said... [Reply]

What lovely photos and a great chronicle of life behind the Great Wall ... you know the one I mean.

A said... [Reply]

I saw a chinese family at the mall the other day in South Carolina and I SO made a big deal of saying "You have 3 children!?" I had 3 kids in Beijing. I also had to add that it was ok the baby was a girl since the other 2 were boys....

Donna said... [Reply]

Hey, whaddaya know - they're letting me comment today! Thanks for the kind words, Jerry and Georganna.

And A - An ayi was your ayi, right? You'll be happy to know she brought her kids back to Beijing from Chengdu after the earthquake - sadly, their house was either damaged or destroyed, not sure which. They're settling in here, trying to enroll in school.

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