Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kyra's Big Birthday

That's right. It was two long years ago when we set out for the hospital in Virginia, eager to meet our newest (and, we supposed at the time, our last) little baby. "Time flies," people tell you when you first have a baby, as if those two simple words can somehow convey the breathtaking speed with which that helpless ferret-like little creature becomes a walking, talking human.

But somehow, it happened again. I turned around, and my baby turned two.

We celebrated with a chocolate cake with pink frosting. She got lots of presents, but her favorite by far seemed to be the dolly that will actually pee when you feed it a bottle of water - as if there isn't already enough pee flowing freely in this house. Between potty training Kyra, changing Ainsley, calming the dog down during thunderstorms and trying to convince the boys that aiming for the toilet is something to which they should aspire, we've got urine aplenty here in Beijing. But none until now from an actual doll. The doll has also taken a place of honor in Ainsley's bouncy seat, which makes it difficult to put Ainsley down.

Today was Father's Day, so we celebrated by taking daddy out to lunch, then sending him for a massage, then making his favorite dinner and brownies for dessert. Am I a fabulous wife or what?

Tonight Shay has his final sleepover with Alex and Luke - they're leaving to spend the summer in NYC - sadly, they're taking their mom with them, and she's one of my favorite people in Beijing. I wouldn't have survived the past month without her. To make matters worse, their friend Oscar is moving back to Sweden tomorrow. It's going to be a long, lonely summer. But such is our life in the Foreign Service. Lots of goodbyes to lots of good friends.

Tomorrow is the official first day of summer vacation. Wish me luck...


isabelle said... [Reply]

Happy birdthday Kyra!!! All the best to you.

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