Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ayi and Me

Yesterday Xiao Tong came to work and was alarmed to find that my voice was almost gone. So she dug through the fridge and came up with an Asian pear. She boiled it in water, then added a few pieces of crystal sugar – it’s like rock candy, I guess – you know those big chunks of sugar?

After it cooled, she strained the pears out and had me drink it. And do you know, it seemed to help. I guess it’s a Chinese version of our hot water with lemon and honey. Anyway – it helped enough that I’m on the road to recovery, as is Ainsley – though she didn’t have the pear juice.

Here are some recent pix of the kids. The three oldest just got haircuts (Kyra's first!), and Ainsley just started smiling, though I couldn't manage to catch it in an actual photo.


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