Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a Day

Saturday. My mom is back in Seattle. My husband is back at work. And I have four kids. Fortunately, I asked Xiao Tong to come in for a few hours in the morning, just so I could get a bit of a break, maybe even take a shower. She took Aidan and Kyra to the playground, and I went upstairs to shower, only to find the shower clogged and overflowing. Nice start to my morning.

Actually it was better than my afternoon. Ainsley refused to sleep all morning, so I carried her with me everywhere, setting her down only when necessary. About an hour after Xiao Tong left, I was still carrying her. Kyra, thankfully, was napping, and the boys were upstairs playing with friends.

Suddenly Shay hollered down the stairs “MOM! Aidan threw up on my pillow!” Sure enough, Aidan had tossed his lunch on the pillow, the carpet and himself. When I approached him, he threw up again on me. And he proceeded to throw up the whole way to the bathroom, never once managing to hit a hardwood floor when there were perfectly cozy rugs and walls all around that could serve as targets.

Sigh. This is not going to be easy, is it?


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