Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Race Is On

Still no sign of baby #4. She's happily kicking away in there, oblivious to the fact that we'd all like to meet her. Meanwhile, my mother is flying in to town tomorrow. So, smart money is on my mom arriving first. But you never know. It would be quite sneaky on baby's part to arrive at the same time as her grandmother - it's a bit tricky to be in a hospital and an airport at the same time.

Technically, I have one week to go before the actual due date. But since the other ones were all about a week early, I'm planning for this one to be early, too.

But how to explain that to her?


Anonymous said... [Reply]

Hello Gormans! I love your blog--the photos, the articles--it's great!

Pam Piasecki has been giving me updates on your updates but I just got around to getting the URL from her.

You all look wonderful and the photo of your home is beautiful. I particularly enjoyed the photos of the children and can't wait to "meet" #4--a sister for Kyra, what a joy!

We miss you here in Vienna, Virginia and look forward to your return. In the meantime, will continue to look for
"breaking news" from the Gorman blog.

Your neighbor,
Gina Colon (Chauncey & Chloe say hi to Casey!)

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