Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Uncle Sean Strikes Again

Those of you who’ve been faithful readers might recall the story of Slingshot Monkey, Uncle Sean’s Christmas gift to the boys. I figured you might be wondering how he topped that for Shay’s birthday.

A box arrived in the mail last night. When we opened it up, Shay started jumping for joy – there was a huge bag of miniature marshmallows inside. After doing the marshmallow dance for a few minutes, he stopped and wondered aloud, “Why do you think Uncle Sean sent me marshmallows for my birthday?” He then thought to look in the box and found one more gift inside – a marshmallow shooter. It shoots 25 rounds at a time, up to 30 feet. Shay and Aidan both exploded with excitement at the idea of a gun that shoots Actual Marshmallows.

Aidan said “I’ve always wanted a Marshmallow Shooter,” to which Shay responded, somewhat disdainfully, “No you haven’t. You’ve never even heard of one. I have, though. The only reason I didn’t ask for one is because I knew mom would say no.” Snotty little know-it-all.

I expect there will be quite a battle out in the neighborhood this afternoon when Shay returns from school. Don’t you wish your kids had an Uncle Sean?


Kristin said... [Reply]

haha I must say I have throughly enjoyed reading our blog from the beginning as a future FSO wife. At this point I can't imagine 4 children abroad, god bless you, but we are just starting in March and do not have children yet. We are also starting a blog about FSO life then.

But to this post, this made me laugh so much. This past Christmas we were both given marshmallow guns from my father, as my husbands family has notorious marshmallow fights and he thought they were awesome. Your uncle Sean is my father, haha!

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