Monday, March 17, 2008

The End of Soccer Season

Here in Beijing, there are four soccer seasons. Well, technically, as the program is run by Brits, there are four football seasons. But I just can't get used to saying that.

Anyway, the indoor winter soccer season officially ended on Sunday. The kids laced up their cleats for the first time in months and headed outside for a tournament. I believe Shay's game ended in a tie, though I spent most of the match at a nearby playground with Kyra and Aidan, so I can't be totally sure.

Afterwards, I complimented Shay, who was one of the fastest kids on the field. He pointed out that being faster isn't always better, "because all they have to do is stop and I just keep running right by."

Here are a few photos of Shay in action during the game.


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