Friday, February 1, 2008

Stinky Breath

Every so often, some parent will express surprise at the variety of vegetables my kids will eat. And it’s true: they eat all different sorts of fruits and veggies, though unfortunately, they all seem to like different veggies prepared different ways – and god forbid the vegetables touch each other.

Shay’s favorites are raw spinach, raw carrots, apples and berries. Hates bananas and cooked spinach.

Aidan loves cooked spinach, carrots and swiss chard. Hates raw. Likes bananas, but only when sliced into wheels.

Kyra likes bananas (preferably whole) and strawberries. Likes any cooked vegetable and almost no raw ones. Lately, she’s decided she loves mandarin oranges, and eats them at any opportunity.

She waits until I’m busy making dinner, then pulls a chair up to the counter and starts trying to peel her own oranges. This usually results in a sticky mess on the counter and floor, with just enough orange left over to make her efforts worthwhile.

Today, she started the usual routine, except there weren’t any oranges on the counter. So she picked up a shallot instead – a small onion.

“Kyra, put that back,” I warned, but she didn’t listen.

“Kyra, you can’t eat that,” I explained, but she didn’t listen.

“Kyra, that’s for cooking, not eating,” I tried again, but she still didn’t listen.

She finished peeling the shallot and held it up to her nose, gave it a little sniff. Then she bit into it. I dashed over, ready to pick up the bits when she spit them out. But instead of spitting them out, she popped the entire little onion in her mouth and chomped it down.


For the rest of the night, my sweet little baby had nasty onion breath. Even after I brushed her teeth, she still reeked of onion.

I’m really, really afraid to change her diaper in the morning.

But at least I’ve found another veggie to feed to kids.


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