Friday, February 29, 2008

Kid Birthday Parties - The Seventh Circle of Hell

There are many wonderful things about motherhood. Hugs are good. Baby babbling - good. Watching your baby sleep - breathtakingly good.

Planning a birthday party? For me, that's more of a punishment for sins in a past life. I really can't stand it. Shay's birthday party is tomorrow, and I've spent the week searching Beijing for gift bags, balloons, napkins and plates. I've ordered a cake. I still have to make jello for the kid who's allergic to cake (stinks to be him). I have to go buy drinks and gift bag stuffers today. Tomorrow a.m. I have to blow up balloons, set up the room, and worse still - greet all of these random parents whom I've never met.

Shay invited 10 kids. Seven are definitely coming, but I still haven't heard from 3, so I have to track them down today and politely demand an rsvp.

Thankfully, birthdays come only once a year. It's all this mom can handle.


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