Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Busy, Yet Boring

I am a boring, boring person. Yet you people expect me to come up with something new and interesting for you. So I am trying. But this week, well, it's been boring. Boring, but somehow way too busy.

Bart's birthday was this past weekend. Of course, he worked all weekend, because the Secretary of State was planning a trip here. She's here now - go watch the news already - she met with family members today at the Embassy, but I opted not to go in. Too busy, you see.

Shay's birthday is tomorrow. Which means I spent today making cupcakes. Also jello dinosaurs, because several of the kids in his class have allergies. I'm also busily planning his birthday party for this weekend. It's going to be a pool party, at the indoor pool here in our complex. I'm trying to figure out who's coming so I can order pizzas, track down helium balloons, buy plates, stuff gift bags, etc.

Also, Shay's school is having their annual "2nd grade circus" next week, which means I somehow have to make or procure a clown costume by this Friday. It's times like these when I really miss my mother - she could pull something together in a snap, but her talent didn't settle in my genes. Shay is quite excited about the circus - I guess it's a whole huge production, with 2nd graders performing and high schoolers running the stage. So we'll see what that's about shortly.

Aidan continues to love school, to which I continue to drive him on a daily basis. After several weeks, the guards outside the school seem to finally understand when I tell them, in Chinese, "my son goes to school here," because they are finally letting me in without an argument.

In addition, I've hit the 30-week mark on my pregnancy, which means I have to trek into the hospital every two weeks from now until the baby decides to appear. I'm also getting rather uncomfortable at this stage - those of you who knew me when I carried Kyra know what I went through that time - it's just more of the same. The other day I tried to ride my bike somewhere, and I was my own little circus. I was fine as long as I was riding, but getting on and off the bike was a comedy of errors - trying to lift my leg high enough to get off the bike without losing my balance was quite a feat.

Tomorrow I will take Aidan to school, take the cupcakes and dinosaurs to Shay's school, pick Aidan up from school, go grocery shopping, wrap Shay's presents, make some small dessert for our family party, come up with a birthday dinner, search for a clown costume, tell Kyra "no" on 47 different occasions, break up 4-5 fights between the boys and possibly even host an afternoon playdate.

See what I mean? Busy... but who wants to hear about it?


isabelle said... [Reply]

Happy Birthday Bart jan !!!

isabelle said... [Reply]

Happy Birthday Shay jan!!!

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