Thursday, January 31, 2008

On My Own

Xiao Tong, our fabulous ayi, just left for a two-week vacation. Today was my first day without her, and boy do I miss her.

Xiao Tong typically stayed with Kyra while I took Aidan to school, so Kyra never got to see his school. Until today. She came with us, and while I was filling out some forms in front, she was wandering, checking it all out with wide eyes. Then she grinned her sneaky grin and took off for Aidan's classroom, at the end of the hall.

"That's okay," said the administrator. "She can play in there while we finish up."

Two minutes later, I went down the hall to get her, and she was sitting in the chair next to Aidan, happily rolling and cutting her own playdough. The teachers didn't mind if she stayed, but I had to drive downtown for a doctor's appointment, so I had to drag her out of there, kicking and screaming.

Sigh. I guess we'll have to start saving for her pre-school soon. She looked like a kid who really wanted to stay.

Anyway, my life of leisure is over, at least for the next two weeks. When there's no Xiao Tong, the kids have to go everywhere with me. I'm not quite sure how I'll manage with Kyra in the store, as they don't have carts that you can buckle kids into. But if I keep her in a stroller, I can't push a cart. Back when we first arrived, Shay would push Kyra while I pushed the cart, but he's in school now. Hmmmm. It's a puzzle, but I'll have to solve it tomorrow morning.

Right after I drag her out of Aidan's school again.


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