Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Night at the Zoo

It's never quiet in our house. Even at night.

Late last night, just before bedtime, Bart came home, bearing belated Christmas gifts for the boys from their Uncle Sean. Now, Uncle Sean has a knack for finding the wackiest toys on the face of the planet, so it came as no big surprise to find "Flingshot Monkeys" inside. You put your fingers into little holes in the monkey's hands, pull back on his tail, and let go. The monkey goes airborne, flying across the room and screaming like a, well, like a monkey at the zoo, I suppose.

The boys loved them, of course. It was awhile before I got them to put the monkeys (and themselves) to bed.

When I went to bed myself later on, I found Aidan curled up sleeping next to his daddy, arms tight around Flingshot Monkey. Sigh. I knew I was in for a long night of being kicked awake by sleeping Aidan - he might LOOK peaceful and angelic when he's asleep, but he never stops moving.

Resigned, I crawled into bed, only to be awakened awhile later by Kyra. Right now, she sleeps in a crib in our room, which is fine, except when she drops her pacifier. She adores that slimy thing, calls it "pa," and sleeps with it stashed between her teeth. When it falls out, she wakes up and whimpers "pa.... pa...." until someone (me) wakes up and crawls around on the floor to find it.

Some nights she sleeps all night with a firm grip on it. Other nights, she tosses and turns, and that darned pa falls every hour or so. Last night was the latter. So I was awake half the night, either being kicked in the belly by Aidan or searching for pa.

To make matters worse, Shay chose last night to start sleepwalking. At least, I think that's what he was doing. Because I heard an odd noise and pried my eyelids open to see him standing in the doorway, just hanging out. When I asked him what was wrong, he seemed confused. I led him back to his bedroom, where he climbed onto his bunk and promptly went back to sleep.

I went back to bed, checking the clock on the way (3:45 a.m.). I had just shut my eyes when Aidan rolled over to kick me and I heard this gawdawful screaming. I bolted upright. It wasn't coming from me. Nor my kids. It appeared to be in my bedroom, and it sounded like, well, like a monkey at the zoo, I suppose.

Flingshot Monkey.

Thanks, Uncle Sean, for the thoughtful gift. I'm going to get an early start on shopping for your Christmas presents this year...


sgorman said... [Reply]

Ouch...but to steal a page from the NRA, "toy monkeys don't cause sleeplessness, people using toy monkeys do." And at least the kids are happy and isn't that what is TRULY important both for Christmas and in life?

Great post and I hope you get some sleep. Plus I promise that Shay's b-day gift will only annoy during the daytime hours...

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