Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dou Miao

My neighbor just dropped by unexpectedly with a big bag of my new favorite vegetable - dou miao. Dou miao are snow pea shoots or vines. They look a bit like spinach, but are leggier and chewier. Xiao Tong sautes them with garlic and salt, and Aidan and I fight over them. I don't know if Bart likes them or not - I don't think they've ever stayed in the kitchen long enough for him to try them.

If you have a Chinese grocery store near you, go see if they sell dou miao and give it a try.

We're off to Hong Kong tomorrow for a quick family vacation. It's all a bit last minute - we have plane tickets, but no hotel yet. So we'll see what happens. Back on Tuesday night, and I'll give y'all an update after that.


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