Friday, December 28, 2007

One Little Thing I Keep Forgetting to Mention

The State Dept allots each family a certain number of pounds in their household effects shipment, so when we moved here, we really had to pare down our stuff. We gave away books and toys and everything baby-related. We were ruthless. Kyra’s newborn dresses – donated. Baby swing and seat – donated. Bibs and socks and teeny tiny hats – all went to the Salvation Army, or to friends who were expecting.

But one thing they don’t teach you in Catholic school: God is a funny, funny, guy. He loves a good giggle. And so, my friends, now is as good a time as any to let you all know that we are expecting the arrival of baby girl Gorman – our fourth child – in early May.

Send those nickels our way, as I’m not quite sure how we’ll feed and clothe them all. But that’s where faith comes in, I suppose. First God laughs – then he provides.


Murad said... [Reply]

God bless You and your child arrival!!!

Neil said... [Reply]

Donna: Amazing news! So happy for you and the whole fam.

3 girls, 3 boys ... hmmm. Who would I put my money on?

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