Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Aidan got his face painted at a holiday party last Saturday. And the boys decorated the trees (we're up to three trees now). It snowed for the first time on Sunday night - when Aidan saw the snow in the morning, he asked "Is Santa coming today?"

No, but Santa's coming soon - too soon. I was out at the Hongqiao toy market today, looking for Star Wars Legos and a baby basketball hoop. No success on either front, so Santa will have to make other plans.

I did get to barter in Chinese - no easy feat when I still have trouble understanding what's being said around me. I have, however, learned to adopt a shocked expression and exclaim "tai gui le!" (too expensive!). It took all day to drive there, barter for a few things and find our way home again. It's so much easier when you just drive down the street to Target and pay whatever price is on the tag. One transaction alone took well over 45 minutes - just to argue about the quantity and the price, then to find the right colors.

More from me later. Bart's working late, so I'm off to toss the kids in a quick bath before bedtime.

Enjoy the photos...


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