Thursday, November 1, 2007

Technically, I'm Home

I made it back to Beijing last Saturday - just in time for the Halloween festivities in our little neighborhood. I arrived to find three clingy kids and one clingy husband, each of whom missed me rather a lot. Kyra is sick as can be, and has spent her nights vomiting the contents of her stomach all over me while I carry her around and try not to bump into any walls. Yes, I'm still dizzy, and getting up every hour in the night doesn't help. I've taken her to the doctor twice already, and they can't seem to find a solution.

I also had to take Casey to the vet downtown. When we arrived in Beijing, we agreed to have him checked out by a local vet in order to avoid a lengthy quarantine, but then we promptly blew off the Chinese government. Turns out they don't like being ignored, and they told us they'd quarantine him if we didn't get him inspected this week. So I decided to listen and spent half a day and several hundred dollars on that.

I also agreed, for reasons that escape me now, to write an article for an English language parenting publication here in Beijing, and it is due next week. So I'm spending my days trying to track down people to interview for the story.

In addition, I've resumed my Chinese lessons, and I'm woefully far behind after a month away, so I'm making tons o' flashcards and trying to memorize scads of vocabulary.

I had a parent-teacher conference scheduled at Shay's school - well, that's a story all by itself.

Also took the kids to meet Cal Ripken Jr. last night - for some reason he's in town, and all the kids got to shake his hand.

And of course, the Marine Ball is this weekend, so I'm trying to find a gown that fits, figure out what to do with my hair, get in shape, organize the babysitter and transportation and remember how exactly to apply mascara.

Somehow I still haven't managed to find the time to bring my bike to the repair shop - it has a busted inner tube.

All of this detail is a roundabout way to apologize for not keeping you all up-to-date on my adventures since returning "home."

But I promise, big news ahead! Just let me get through this weekend and I'll find some time to report in more detail.

Thanks to all of you who somehow manage to keep me updated on you. Somehow it was easier to keep you up-to-date when I was all alone in my Hong Kong hotel room.


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