Friday, October 5, 2007

Shot #1

I had shot #1 this morning. They put some drops in my ear to numb it up, then stuck a tiny needle through my eardrum and stuffed my inner ear full of steroids. The doctor said it would hurt "just a bit" when he put the needle in, and he was right. It did hurt just a little bit, in the same way as setting your head on fire would likely hurt just a bit.

He tells me that if I am to have any improvement, I'll likely notice it somewhat after shot #2, which is scheduled for Monday,or shot #3, a week from today. So for now, I'll remain deaf and ring-y. Though I do notice the nausea seems to be subsiding a bit, which is nice.

I've found a coffee shop down the street from my hotel that allows free internet access if you buy a cup of coffee, so I can satisfy my two addictions at once. I'll update you all when I have something new (hopefully good) to add.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers - it means a lot to Bart and me.


isa said... [Reply]

Please get well soon. I hope my prayers which will be one drop in all the best wishes to you to recover soon and be back to your kids and Bart jan.
kisses and higs
I am sure you will become better after the second shot.

Please. Write your own stuff.