Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just a Smidgen

Yesterday was shot #3. This time they put a shot in my ear to numb it first - don't know why they didn't think of doing that sooner. The doctor told me that if the shots were going to work, I would likely notice a bit of a change after shot #2 and more after shot #3. After this shot, he sat me down and talked about what will happen if this doesn't work. Short answer: nothing. No other treatment options available in the world of western medicine.

After that shot, I left the world of western medicine for the east. I had my third appointment with Dr. Paine, a great guy with an unfortunate name for someone who spends his days plunging sharp needles into other people.

This is the first time I've ever tried acupuncture, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It's strange - while he is sticking needles in me, it seems to help. I lose the nausea, lose the dizziness... it even changes the ringing in my ears, quieting it down a bit. But as soon as I sit up, it's over, and everything comes rushing back.

This time, he stuck some needles in my jaw and around my ear, then threaded wire around them and hooked them up to a little device that sent small electric shocks into me - it felt as though someone was tapping on the needles. While he was doing this, it felt so strange. I could feel my ear, which has been numb since this began. And the ringing in my ear almost disappeared entirely.

After more than an hour, I got up to leave, still feeling a bit woozy and odd. On my way back home, I noticed that I could feel the wind blowing past both ears. I still couldn't hear it in the right side, but I could feel it for the first time. By evening, I could feel my actual ear - normally, it feels numb, the way your mouth feels after the dentist shoots you up with novocaine. But now I could feel it a bit.

So when Bart called last night, I had him shout into the phone. And do you know - I could hear it, ever so vaguely, like a wave off in the distance. If I press the buttons on the phone, I can hear them, too, far away somewhere.

So. Something is working, don't you agree? Either the shots, or the acupuncture, or the prayers you've all been shooting my way, from places as far away as Cuba, Egypt, Armenia and the U.S. It's not a lot - just the teensiest smidgen of noise. But I'll take it, for now.

Keep those prayers coming, please. Just make sure they're Really Loud.


Murad said... [Reply]

Dona jan!
Everything will be very good!
We pray for You!
Wish You strong health!

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