Thursday, October 4, 2007


Sorry I've been away for awhile. Here's the story:

Last Friday night, as I bent over to get Kyra out of the tub, my ear started ringing and I got quite dizzy. I put myself to bed right away, thinking I could sleep it off, and when I woke up the next day, I couldn't get out of bed without falling over. My head was spinning, my ear was screaming, and I had gone totally deaf in my right ear. Here it is Thursday night, a week later, and I've been medevaced to Hong Kong to figure out what has gone so horribly wrong. I met with a couple of hearing specialists today, and they confirmed what I already knew: I'm deaf. As in, can't hear a single sound in my right ear, other than that otherworldly ringing and buzzing known as tinnitus.

After running a few tests, they determined that the problem is likely that my inner ear was attacked by some sort of virus. The only possible cure is to inject steroids behind my ear drum, which apparently works in some cases; not all.

I will be in Hong Kong for the next two weeks while they inject steroids and run some other tests. They tell me that even if my hearing never does return, which it doesn't in at least 30% of cases, the nausea and vertigo should eventually pass - which is good, because right now I'm drugged up just to get out of bed in the morning. They hope the screeching in my ear improves, too. They hope; I pray.

This is just the slightest of updates, as I've had a full day of tests and stress and what ifs. This on top of the last week of utter and complete illness. And I've left poor Bart behind to manage all three of the kids in Beijing - along with managing his own rather stressful job. I will not have regular access to a computer over the next few days, but I promise to look for an internet cafe as soon as I feel well enough to brave the noisy streets outside.

Please think good thoughts for me, would you? But think them into my Left Ear, otherwise they'll pass me right by.


Bess said... [Reply]

Auntie Donna, We're hoping that you have a speedy and full recovery all the way from Egypt! We're sure that you will not be part of that 30% and you WILL get ALL of your hearing back, even if the thought of three especially cute screaming little Gormans is not at the top of your list right now. But really, get well soon!!!!

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