Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chicken of the Sea

If you know me, you know I love eating, and I love trying new

I never thought I'd say this, but - after an entire month of
eating out at Every Single Meal, I am so tired of it. I'm ready
to get back in my kitchen and cook something of my very own...
without MSG or salt or anything else I don't want.

Today I went to the fancy little tea house in the hotel and I
ordered what was called "special dumpling soup." The waitress
told me it was chicken broth and dumplings stuffed with meat.
At least, I thought that was what she said. It was actually
rather good. But when I got the bill, it said right there on the
receipt, in big, bold letters:

"Shark Soup."

I almost threw up right there on the table. SOOOOO not what
I wanted to eat. Hopefully the dumplings weren't stuffed with
kittens. I was afraid to ask.

It's okay, though. Soon I'll be back in my own shark-free
kitchen, forcing lentils and tofu on my darling little beasts.
And if they complain, I'll threaten to cook up some shark


Christine said... [Reply]

Hi Donna! A friend of mine from Charlottesville, VA, sent me the article about you in The Writer (Nov2007). Congratulations! I am a fellow expat mom writer living near Munich, Germany. I'd welcome your connection.

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