Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Aidan

Aidan is turning four this year, and so we decided it was finally time for him to have a party with all of his friends. We made cupcakes and ordered pizza. We had 50 balloons delivered - if only I'd had my camera out when the delivery lady came riding up on her bicycle, holding all 50 balloons aloft! We couldn't find any decent party plates, so we bought plain white plates and the boys and I put Spider-Man stickers all over them. We had little Lego sets for party favors for our ten guests. And the best part of all - we rented a gigantic Spider-Man bouncy castle and had it set up in the driveway. All this for less than the cost of a Chuckie Cheese party back home.


Deborah said... [Reply]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDAN!!! I am so sad we couldn't be there....and I can't believe he's already four.

Bess said... [Reply]

"I need to tell Aidan 'happy birthday', mommy!" says Hannah. Hannah also said she wishes she could have gone to the party.

Murad said... [Reply]


Please. Write your own stuff.