Thursday, August 2, 2007

God Bless America

I have discovered that I am unable to access my blogfrom here. Apparently, it is one of many blocked sitesin China. I can feel myself going all dissident as I contemplate this frustrating turn of events. So I have asked my sister to post my entries from the good oleUSofA until I come up with another solution (anyoneout there have one for me?). Blame all typos on her,please.

I still don’t have internet access at home, but hopefully I’ll have that set up by this weekend. We still don’t have our Air Freight, but it’s in customs this week, getting cleared, so hopefully we’ll get it this weekend, too. I haven’t seen much of my lovely husband yet. He takes the early shuttle in and the late shuttle back. But maybe this weekend?

As you can see, I have high hopes for the weekend.

We’ve explored the surrounding neighborhood a bitmore, and it seems more than liveable. I still can’t figure out what to feed the kids, however. They don’tlike the yogurt, don’t like the bread, don’t like the $8 a box Cheerios. The vegetable selection at JennyLou’s is, well, it ain’t Wegmans. My kids love spinach (nope, don’t have it), carrots (only huge dried out cooking carrots), peppers (thank god yes), green beans (nope), edamame (not yet), cucumbers (yep). They do have apples, so they’ve mostly eaten apples all day.Today perhaps we’ll try an orange, if only to stave off scurvy.

We were out all morning yesterday, exploring the ‘hood with a neighbor, Steve, who was assigned along with his wife to be our sponsor. In the afternoon, we wentto the pool with another neighbor, Tracy, and her twokids, a 4 year old girl and a 6 year old boy. Then Shay and Aidan played at her house while I tried to pull together a dinner they would eat. Tracy sent them home with some toys they can use for the next few days. The boys were quite happy with their day –until, of course they saw the slop I was trying toforce them to eat for dinner. They both threw fits, I threw them in their beds and they promptly fell asleep.

That was 7 p.m. I saw an opportunity to sleep myself (keep in mind that I’d been awake at this point since 1 a.m.), so I tossed Kyra in her crib and we all passed out.

8 p.m. Bart comes home. He doesn’t have a key, so he rings the doorbell and I drag myself out of bed. He takes my key and leaves for the gym.

8:15 p.m. Massive thunderstorm starts. Dog barks. I wake up again.

9 p.m. Someone starts ringing the doorbell – over and over again. One again I drag myself out of bed. This time there is a man in a police or guard uniform standing outside along with another man in a black trench coat. They don’t even flinch as lightning and thunder is shooting off all around them. They’re saying something to me in Chinese. I have absolutely no idea what they’re saying, and I tell them this.T hey clearly don’t speak English, either, so they start over in Chinese. One of them makes a gesture that looks like he’s hanging up a telephone. I know my phone is broken – is that what they’re here about? I motion for them to come in. They shake their head no and make the telephone gesture again. So I walk over to the phone, pick it up, say “ni hao,” shake my head and hang up. They keep talking. I remember how to say“I don’t understand,” so I say that over and over again while lightning flashes and they talk. Finally, they say “excuse me,” I say “excuse me” right back at them, and they disappear into the storm.

9:20 p.m. I go back to bed, certain of one thing. Right now, those guys, whoever they are, are thinking pretty much the same thing as me: “Why the hell can’tshe speak Chinese?”

4 a.m. All three kids spring awake as if on cue. Stormis over, night is over, time to start figuring this country out anew.


Isabelle Yemenijian said... [Reply]

Donna jan,
My best wishes to you and Bart at the new Post. Let everything be as you want.
Let all your dreams connected with your lovely husband (as you mentioned)become true. I wish Bart to have much more time for his really lovely family. You are the best couple in the world.
hugs and kisses isa

Murad said... [Reply]

"ni hao" from Yerevan

Please. Write your own stuff.