Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The First Day of School

It was quite a sight.

Yesterday was the first day of school, and kids poured out of their houses from all corners of the compound. There were five huge buses from Shay's school alone, just waiting to swallow those kids whole.

Shay's assessment?

The buses are "totally cool," because they have curtains and seatbelts and even a television playing a cartoon for the ten minute ride. ("And they have air freshener, too!" one little girl was overheard exclaiming to her mother.) The cafeteria - not so good. Big surprise there. Shay tried to explain to the Chinese cafeteria worker that he was a vegetarian. She dumped chicken nuggets on his tray. So I guess it's back to packing lunches for me. The playground was apparently the best thing about school. They actually have a smoking dragon: when you stand in front of it, a cloud of mist shoots from its nostrils. And there is a river running through the playground, with fish and toads.

Academically, who knows? According to Shay, they only had Chinese yesterday. But I have to think they did something other than that. Chinese, according to Shay, is "so hard, with words even Dad doesn't know!" And they don't translate anything into English. He is under the impression, however, that there will be no reading or math at this cool school. Just Chinese language and Chinese cafeteria workers, with occasional forays into the Coolest Playground In The World.

In other news, Aidan got his first big-boy bike, with training wheels. Aidan being Aidan, he's already managed to crash three times, even with training wheels. And I got a big-girl bike, with a car seat attached, so I can wheel down to the school bus stop and the store with Kyra on the back. Look at the pictures see if you agree: our family is just one big circus, put on this earth to make the locals laugh.


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