Thursday, July 5, 2007

Where We Stand

The rugs are all cleaned and rolled up against the walls. The furniture is pushed to the sides. The pictures are piled in corners, and the nail holes where they once hung are spackled over. The playpen is stuffed to the gills with air freight (towels, plates, diapers, dog food, pillows, toys, etc...). Every last item has a sticky on it: Air, Sea or Storage.

Upstairs, the boys' beds are stripped and covered with everything that needs to go into suitcases: suits, shoes, clothes, toiletries, dog food. The carry-on bags are in the kitchen right now, as I'm packing toys and snacks for the boys while they aren't here to observe.

There's a pile of clothes for Goodwill in the entry way, along with a bucket of things to be returned/exchanged at various stores.

And yet here I am, in the dining room, updating my blog. It's an avoidance technique.

We're not leaving until the 24th, but we have to get everything ready by Friday, because on Saturday we're waking up early to make the 8-hour drive to New York. We'll spend the week at a lake up there with Bart's family. We'll return to Virginia one week from Sunday, and our packout begins early the next morning.

We'll then have one week to get haircuts, see the doctor, tie up loose ends at work, say goodbyes to friends, get the dog groomed, send his doggie paperwork to China, touch up the paint, get the house cleaned, get the rugs shampooed, get the car picked up for shipment to China, finalize the lease details with the property manager, sign a contract with the gardener and, oh yes, get to the airport.

Shouldn't be hard to get done.

Yesterday, on the Fourth of July, there was a massive afternoon thunderstorm. The emergency broadcast system kicked in with a "tornado warning" for our little town. We were advised to take cover in the basement. So we did. We sat around amongst our little piles of "Sea" and Storage" while the dog quaked and peed on the rug. Rain poured down, along with nearly non-stop thunder. I admit that as I looked around, I was mostly worried that if a tornado did hit, it would blow away all of those little stickies. And then where would we be?

But there was no tornado. The stickies are still stuck, and I guess we're really going.


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