Friday, July 27, 2007

We Have Visas!

We also have six suitcases, four carryons, one computer, one DVD player, two car seats, one booster seat, one dog crate, one dog and three kids.

Somehow we'll stuff all of this into a taxi or two and get it all to Dulles on Sunday morning. We'll fly direct to Beijing (13 1/2 hours in coach). We should be in Beijing by Monday afternoon.

That's the plan, anyway.


Deborah said... [Reply]

What about the crates for the kids?

James said... [Reply]

And a partridge in a pear tree! PS., the bar is DUN. I might be a lawyer in a few months. Hmmm.... need a babysitter in Bejing who knows a little bit of 17th century common law? Miss y'all already :-)

Murad said... [Reply]

Goog luck!
Have a good flight!

Little Jerry said... [Reply]

Safe traveling! Thinking of you all!

Maria Meldrum said... [Reply]

OH, I am woefully behind on my reading...even after seeing and spending time with you last week I did not have a FULL appreciation of the extent of the craziness! It's because you're always so CALM!! I hope the trip was tolerable and the new house is wonderful. We are thinking of you!

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