Sunday, July 22, 2007

Update - Sort Of...

Such craziness.

I don't have anything definitive to add yet, but here's what we know so far.

The Chinese gov't has said they can expedite our visas so we'll have them by Friday. Based on that, we made reservations to fly out of here on Sunday - one week from today. The flight is packed, but it looks as though we'll be able to sit near one another. And the dog is also cleared to fly. We lost our business class upgrade, however, and that's pretty disappointing.

So - assuming the visas are indeed ready on Friday, we'll be Beijing-bound in just one week. If not - well, we'll start this crazy dance all over again until we get it right, I suppose...


James said... [Reply]

Wait, your dog can fly? You're worried about airplanes whilst you own a flying dog?? Just hook a sleigh to the back of that pup and hop in, business class be darned! Wow!

Bar study has driven me bonkers. Um, more bonkers.

I wonder if flying dogs are a suspect class, thus requiring strict scrutiny analysis? Alas, no, they are not, thus the government only need have a rational basis to restrict their flying about. Makes perfect sense.

Teach the adorable mini-Gormans (aka, the mini-G's) to tell the stewardesses the "interrupting cow" joke. Stewardesses on long flights LOVE that. Trust me. I might be lawyer - would I lie to you?

Have a safe and sane flight. :-)

Vicki said... [Reply]

Hi Donna,
This info on animal hospitals in Beijing might be useful:

International Center for Veterinary Services in Beijing, China ( It is the first full-service, international standard veterinary hospital in the PRC with vets from China, US and Europe.

I got it from this posting on the NY Time website:
I am an American living in Beijing, China and adopted my beloved cat there 13-years ago. Animal hospitals in China are very basic clinics with vets trained to care for livestock and large animals. I waited more than 10-years for an international standard veterinary hospital to open in China. As my cat grew older and began developing age related health problems, I realized that the only solution was to open this animal hospital myself. In 2007, I helped co-found the International Center for Veterinary Services in Beijing, China ( It is the first full-service, international standard veterinary hospital in the PRC with vets from China, US and Europe. Our state-of-the-art facility provides exams, lab diagnostics, x-rays, ultrasound, treatments, surgeries and behavior counseling. All of our services are in English and Mandarin. We provide medical care to pets from China and more than 80 different countries. Love is very powerful and can be a force for tremendous good. My love for my cat was my motivation to establish an animal hospital in China that would provide world-class medical care for all the pets here. I have never been happier knowing that my cat and all the pets that we see will be able to live longer and healthier lives, blessing us with their love and companionship for many more years.

Mary Peng
International Center for Veterinary Services (
Beijing, China

— Posted by Mary Peng

Bess said... [Reply]

Which hotel are you all staying at? Would love to chat with you before you leave for Beijing. Let me know via email, if you have the time, and I'll call you via embassy line. Been meaning to call you but figure you have been busy with all final details, especially the gruesome ones involving lost toenails and passports. But now that you will be in N.Va until Friday, let me know if you have time for a phone call!

Paula said... [Reply]

Good luck. Your stories bring back so many memories of when we were in your shoes! At our welcome gathering at our first post, Laurie (age 4 at the time) was being chased by John's boss' kid, fell, and knocked out three teeth. No worry, baby teeth you say, right? Well at our second post, her brother tripped her and knocked out the permanent ones! He also managed to jam her finger in the bathroom door and left her nail hanging. Believe it or not, they get along famously now!

We wish you and Bart the best. Things will slow down, I promise! And, oh, the adventures that await you . . .

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