Thursday, July 19, 2007

Because Something Always Has to Go Wrong

The last of the boxes was hauled away today, and the house is empty - except for the dust, the dirt, the crumbs, and all of the last minute things we need, like paint and glass cleaner.

The kids and I were at the house all day long, trying to entertain ourselves with very few toys. The boys watched Scooby Doo - again - moving from chair to chair until there were none left.

Meanwhile, Bart was running around D.C., trying to find out what happened to our visas.

It turns out that the State Department never bothered to submit our passports to the Chinese Embassy - that's why we don't have visas. Apparently, they made a mistake on Aidan's new diplomatic passport. They put an "F" into the space for gender, when he's clearly an "M," despite his love of all things pink. I didn't catch the mistake when I signed his passport. Apparently, I also forgot to sign Shay's passport. But instead of notifying us that there was a mistake, they just put the passports into a drawer somewhere. They compounded the problem by telling us the passports had been sent to the Embassy already when we called to check in. We called FIVE times to check on them, and each time they reassured us that everything was fine. And then, every day this week, when Bart called to find out if our visas were ready, they replied "check back tomorrow" instead of telling us what the problem was.

So here it is Wednesday night, and we have no visas. Keep in mind that it ordinarily takes about three weeks to get a visa. They managed to get a new passport for Aidan today and they shipped it off to the Chinese Embassy. It remains to be seen if the Chinese will take pity on us and give us visas or not.

So for now, we'll keep hanging out in our hotel room and watching Scooby Doo. I imagine we'll find out by Monday if we'll be able to fly out of here on Tuesday.

Sigh. Just when it looked as if things were moving right along...


Deborah said... [Reply]

Yikes! When we needed our visas for China, we had to pay someone to walk the passports in at the DC embassy-we overnighted our passports, they were walked in the next day, they were overnighted back to us. Just about 4 or 5 days start to finish. The most stressful part was trusting our passports to the shipping company.

Little Jerry said... [Reply]

Been doing the Visa dance for you guys ... any new news??

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