Saturday, June 23, 2007

The End of an Era

This morning, Bart finally decided to put the Miata up for sale on Craigslist.

He’d been going back and forth: should he put it in storage for 3 years, like he did the last time we went overseas? Or sell it, and set the money aside to buy something else when we return? It was a tough decision, even leading to one of those annoying arguments married couples sometimes have, along these lines:

“When do you think you’re going to put the car up for sale?”

“I don’t know. Stop nagging.”

“I’m not nagging.”

“Yes you are.”

“Am not.”

“Am too.”

“Am not. And besides, if you’d sell it, I’d stop bugging you about it already.”

“Bugging? Or nagging?”

Anyway, this morning, he apparently decided he’d had enough of my nagging… er, bugging. And so he put the car on Craigslist.

Within 30 minutes, he had 7 inquiries from people who wanted the car. One lady arrived at our doorstep an hour later with her daughter. They drove the car, then gave us a deposit and promised to return on Monday with a cashier’s check.

And that's that.

Bart bought the car way back in ’98, when we were living in Long Beach, California. It was the perfect beach car, and he was thrilled to have it for his commute to Irvine along the Pacific Coast Highway. Then, of course, a few months after buying the car, he got this job. So he packed all of his earthly belongings into the car, and together with his baby brother, he drove clear across the country to Washington D.C. I stayed behind to pack up the teeny tiny house and await news on where he’d be assigned. Soon after he finished his training, we were assigned to Moscow, where a Miata clearly would not do. So the car went into storage for all those years while we moved from post to post.

I think he’ll be sad to give the car up.

And I’ll have to come up with something else to nag him about.


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