Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Aidan's Last Day

Aidan’s last day of school was today. I guess that makes him an official pre-school graduate. You laugh? Well, know that not all of his relatives achieved such early success – he counts at least one pre-school dropout amongst his loved ones.

It was touch and go whether he’d make it. Sweet little thing that he is, he was always getting in trouble at school. Sometimes he pushed other kids, or refused to participate at circle time - nothing really delinquent. Most recently, he got a five minute time out for calling another little boy “dumbo.” The little boy cried. Aidan didn’t seem all too concerned.

Still, he loved his school and I think he’s going to miss it. He often cried on the days that his brother went to school while he stayed home. I loved it, too - three whole hours of relative peace! Then there were the arts and crafts projects. He made bunny ears on Easter and spiders on Halloween. He made caterpillars, butterflies and snowmen. For Mother’s Day, he gave me a little card with a refrigerator magnet inside – and on the magnet was a picture of him. So cute.

On Thursday, he came home with a white paper sack, tied shut with a green ribbon and decorated with blue glitter that spelled out “DAD.” “It’s for Father’s Day,” he told me, and he tore open the package to show me the gift inside. “Isn’t that for dad?” I asked. “Shouldn’t we leave it wrapped up?” He ignored me and pulled out a foam can insulator, decorated with stickers. He looked at it, admiring his work, and said “It’s for daddy.” “Yes,” I answered, “why don’t we wrap it back open so he’ll be surprised on Father’s Day?”

“It’s okay, mom,” he explained. “He’ll let me use it.” He stuffed his sippy cup inside and took a drink. “Ahh,” he said, “nice and cool.”

I was only able to convince him to wrap it back up after he spilled some juice on it. Now it sits on our table, inside a crumpled paper sack, a little bit sticky, awaiting Father’s Day.

And I guess I’ll have to think up my own arts and crafts projects for at least the next few months.


Isabelle Yemenijian said... [Reply]

Donna jan,
I am very happy for Aidan. I wish him good health and more success in the future.
Donna jan, this is the busiest season for me. The fourth of July is coming and I have to get ready all the postings and the assignments in time. I am leaving for Black sea on July 5, so I have to complete all my tasks not leave too much for Alik.
Also we have the OIG at the post, they will be here up to June 22. I remember last time OIG visited this post when Bart was my RSO (the favourite one).
Donn jan I applied for a training at the Foreign Service Institute, but don't have the confirmation yet. Even if I'll have the confirmation I don't think we can meet as you'll be too far from Washington DC.
My best wishes to all your lovely family membres. Hughs and kisses isa

sphypo said... [Reply]

Just checking my new account with the yahoo.isa

Lilit said... [Reply]

Hi Donna jan, it's Lilit. Do you remember me?

Please. Write your own stuff.